DWELL participants become fim-makers

Filming on London Rd, Sharrow

A group of DWELL participants took part in a hands-on film-making workshop to develop their skills and confidence in using video to document
their city.

Over the two day event, participants learned a range of new techniques including lighting, sound, composition, action shots, and how to use sequences and cuts. We then applied these skills on an outdoor shoot ‘on location’ in Sharrow, and also gained experience of recording interviews and conversations.

The event demonstrated how visual methods such as filming and photography can be used to break down barriers between researchers and local residents.

In the DWELL project we plan to use video and films as a way of presenting and sharing our findings to a wider audience – whether through film screenings or online video sharing. This enjoyable workshop was organised by Friederike and delivered by London-based film- makers Spectacle. It was funded through a University of Sheffield’s Methodological Innovation Grant.
For more information visit http://spectacle.co.uk

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