DWELL research exhibited at the Royal Academy

Four Visions-RA

© Royal Academy of Arts, London; photographer Marcus J. Leith

Working closely with Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, researchers from the DWELL project were involved in creating visual and audio material for the ‘Four Visions for the Future of Housing’ Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London.

The exhibition examined the challenges for designers and housing providers in the context of the current housing crisis, and asked four architects practices to respond to some of the specific societal, local, contextual, or technical housing challenges in a creative and challenging way. The SWA/DWELL panel explored the issues around designing for down-sizing, focussing on the potential scope for higher density / urban living in later life. The visuals, displayed in the form of six light boxes, explored specific moments or ‘thresholds’ within the home that should be considered when designing this type of housing for later life.

The visual material was complemented by the voices of three DWELL interviewees, who described some of the benefits and challenges of down-sizing in later life.

The exhibition ran from February to May 2015 and was accompanied by a programme of talks from the architects involved.

More information: https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibition/future-housing

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