‘Visions for a Lifetime Neighbourhood’ launch at Dore Show

Dore Show

Since autumn 2014, researchers and Dore residents have been working together to explore visions for the village as a Lifetime Neighbourhood – a place for residents of all ages. Our ideas build on the existing strengths of the village and its facilities, and aim to make it accessible and attractive for residents and visitors.

At the Dore Show in September, the Dore DWELL group launched a snapshot of this ongoing work as a series of ‘Visions’ – 8 ideas for the village as a Lifetime Neighbourhood ranging from new pedestrian crossings to a housing strategy in the Neighbourhood Plan. These visions were not intended as final proposalsbut as possible futures for the village – to imagine how it might look like in 2, 5 or even 10 years’ time.

At the Dore Show, we invited other residents and visitors to vote on which of these 8 visions they felt were high, medium, or low priorities using a traffic light voting system. Interest in the DWELL stall was overwhelming, with almost 500 votes cast on the day! The researchers and group members were kept  busy answering questions and explaining the thinking behind the visions.

Look out for copies of the DWELL Visions booklet in the shops, cafes and pubs of Dore Village or download an electronic (pdf) version of the booklet here.

As well as circulating these ideas to as many residents as possible, the Dore DWELL group are now in discussion with the Dore Village Society  to look at how some of these ideas might inform the Neighbourhood Planning process in the village.

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