DWELL Project Framework

The DWELL Project Framework document builds on the original Design for Well-being bid documents (originally submitted in 2012), and sets out the baseline assumptions and guiding principles for the DWELL research project. The document has been generated through a detailed literature and policy review, alongside discussions with the DWELL Advisory Group and other stakeholders throughout the first 6 months of the project.

The Framework begins by outlining the key conceptual frame of ‘relationality’, as well as developing the conceptual definitions of mobility and well-being and our research methodology. Following this, the second section presents an ongoing review of recent policy and literature. Combined with this review are a series of our assumptions about the built environment – the way it is produced and used, an outline of the key changes that we and others view as important to enhancing well-being and mobility of older people, and an understanding of the drivers that effect (and mitigate against) these changes.

The Project Framework is a working document that has been developed and refined throughout the project. The documents below are intended to support the wider outputs and findings from the research process, including both written papers and design proposals.

Download a pdf version of the project Framework here (pdf, 1.9mb)