Unapproved Doc O – Design for Ageing

The ‘Unapproved Document Part O’ is a speculation on how Design for Ageing could be described within the framework of the English Building Regulations. The Unapproved Document is not intended as a comprehensive set of design ‘solutions’ , but instead aims to provoke consideration of some of the most ways in which building design impacts on older people, and provide possible routes for mitigating these impacts.

Originally conceived as a workshop for the AHRA Industries of Architecture  International Conference in 2014, extracts of the Unapproved Document were also published as part of the 2016 Routledge Publication Industries of Architecture, edited by Katie Lloyd Thomas, Tilo Amhoff,  and Nick Beech.


Download the  full Unapproved document O – Design for Ageing – here  (pdf, 1.4 mb)