Downsizing Housetypes – work in progress

Over the past few months the DWELL team have been developing the citywide  ‘design for downsizing’  work into a series of model housetypes. These six housetypes have been designed to address a range of suburban and urban site conditions, and to the following 5 criteria:

  • Designed to HAPPI design principles (particularly in terms of daylighting, storage, and access to manageable outdoor space)
  • Designed to Approved Document Part M (2015) Category 2 (Lifetime Homes) accessibility standard, with most of the layouts capable of being adapted to Category 3 (Wheelchair Homes) accessibility standard.
  • Designed to balance higher densities with security and privacy.
  • Adaptable for different households and for changing requirements over the lifecourse.
  • Designed to form part of an attractive and accessible streetscape that promotes walking and social interaction.

To view or download work-in-progress versions of the housetypes, click on the links below, and please add any comments at the bottom of the page:

DWELL_Housing-typologies_process Participatory design process>> (0.6mb)
Courtyard bungalow Courtyard bungalow>> (4.6mb)
Chequerboard houses and bungalows Chequerboard houses and bungalows>> (2.3mb)
Hillside bungalows Hillside bungalows>> (2.6mb)
Deck access apartments Deck access apartments>> (2.2mb)
Cloister apartments (extra-care) Cloister apartments (extra-care)>> (2.2mb)
Urban village apartments Urban village apartments>> (3.5mb)

2 thoughts on “Downsizing Housetypes – work in progress

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  • October 24, 2016 at 8:36 am

    I am one of your ‘targeted people’! I wish to downsize from a small 2 bed semi-detached house. My local council has built a garden village for people of my generation and I applied for one of these ‘sparkly new purpose built prisons’. I have seen your lovely plans and they have no relationship to what is being built. My local authority is providing what can only be described as cupboards. Not all of us want to be corralled into complexes for the elderly which have facilities which younger people think are good for us. Consult us – all of us – from different backgrounds – differing needs. Mostly we require soundproofing and privacy and space to do our own things. I am angry and will be staying where I am and tough if the young who want a 2 bed semi cannot get one!!! GET IT?


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