Pop-up exhibition in Sheffield City Centre

In October DWELL researchers and city-wide participants hosted two exhibitions in Sheffield City Centre – the first at the Winter Garden and the second at a stall in the new Moor Market. We had a busy two days, with hundreds of conversations with residents and visitors and lots of interest in our ideas for ‘Age-friendly’ Urban Living in Sheffield City Centre. Thanks to everyone who helped out in making the events such a success!

The next step will be to analyse the written feedback and reflections from the exhibitions in order to inform the next stage of the design process.

Further details of the DWELL designs for urban living can be found here, and a selection of photos from the two events can be viewed below:

DWELL Winter Garden event_1DWELL Winter Garden event_4 DWELL Winter Garden event_5 DWELL Winter Garden event_6DWELL Moor market event_1DWELL Moor market event_2 DWELL Moor market event_3 DWELL Moor market event_4

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