Retirement Housing in Sheffield: Supply and Demand to 2034

This report produced sets out the scale and location of retirement housing required in Sheffield to 2034.

This type of housing, which includes sheltered housing, and extra care housing, forms an important part of the housing stock of the city, playing a distinct specialist role in meeting older people’s needs. Whilst most older people live in non-specialist, or ‘general needs’ housing, retirement housing plays an important role in providing accommodation that is more suitable and/or desirable for this group than general needs housing.

The report presents an analysis of demographic trends, and the current supply of retirement housing, before presenting the shortfall and surplus of this type of housing in each of the 13 Sheffield Housing Market Areas, both currently and in 2034. An analysis of the affordability of retirement housing is also presented.

Download a copy of the final report here (pdf, 1.3MB).

Note – for the purposes of this report, retirement housing is defined as housing designed and/or occupied solely by older people, but not including care and nursing homes, nor ‘standard’ age-banded properties without any form of extra support.